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Symi Travel Guide

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 - Symi Overview - Symi Travel Guide

Symi Overview

Symi is one of the islands of the Dodecanese group, to which Rhodes also belongs. Your first glimpse of its perfectly-formed harbour presents you with a visually satisfying view of a perfectly preserved Venetian port. Its wonderful houses and buildings huddle together as they cling to the steeply rising hill on which they are built. Symi has a unique beauty, unsullied by the modern developments that can be found on some other islands. Once many of its old houses were ruins, but today they have caught the interest of people looking for a property of character to renovate, always in keeping with the local architectural heritage.
 - Symi Villages - Symi Travel Guide

Symi Villages

The beautiful island of Symi is divided into several distinctive areas. Yialos (Gialos) is the main harbour, Chorio is the town above the harbour (sometimes known as 'top town'). South of Yialos in the valley below Chorio, is Pedi Bay and north of Yialos is the bay and small fishing village of Nimborios. There is another small settlement at Marathounda and a Monastery at Panormitis.
 - Beaches on Symi - Symi Travel Guide

Beaches on Symi

The beaches of Symi are a mixture of sand, pebbles and shingle.The fact that Symi does not suffer from over-development means that the beaches and the sea remain for the most part clean and unpolluted. Swimming shoes ('jellies') or similar on your feet, is a great advantage. Also of course, pebbles can get pretty hot to walk on and bathing shoes are a great help as you go in and out of the water. The rocky, hilly nature of Symi means that none of the beaches are very large, and many of them can only be accessed by boat, a fact that only enhances their beauty and comparative peace.The sea is crystal clear and the beautiful scenery that surround the beaches makes swimming a real pleasure here.
 - Interesting places on Symi - Symi Travel Guide

Interesting places on Symi

Apart from so many old churches and monasteries to be seen, there is the Lindos Ship War memorial, the Old Pharmacy and Chatziagapitos House - something for everyone.
 - Symi Frequent Questions - Symi Travel Guide

Symi Frequent Questions

Common holiday questions about Symi: Doctors, Police, Banks/Cash machines, Pharmacies, Car Hire, Buses, Taxis, Telephones, Weather, Shopping times, Public Holidays/Festivals, Tavernas/Bars.
 - Symi History - Symi Travel Guide

Symi History

Symi has a long history for such a small island. It is said to be named after the Nymph 'Symi', who 'married' the god Poseidon. History reveals that from 1309, after being conquered by the Turks, the island of Symi changed hands several times, being under Venetian rule for a lengthy period. Early in the twentieth century it was annexed by Italy along with the other islands of the Dodecanese and remained in Italian hands until 1948, when it finally reverted to Greece.
 - Nature - Symi Travel Guide


The wild life of Symi holds no surprises - numerous cats, 'Beach' goats, some snakes, a few lizards - nothing unusual or alarming. There is an abundance of flowers such as oleander and bougainvillea, and fig, almond and pomegranate trees are also widely found here. The wild herbs of Symi are magnificent.
 - How To Get To Symi - Symi Travel Guide

How To Get To Symi

The island of Symi has no airport of its own and therefore requires a flight to Rhodes with onward transfers to the island by hydrofoil or local ferry.
 - Getting out and about - Symi Travel Guide

Getting out and about

Take the local bus to travel in the same way as the local people do or use a local taxi or even a water taxi. The choice is yours to see the best of the picturesque island of Symi.

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