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The Time in Symi is 09:28

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Symi Travel Guide

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 - Symi Travel Guide


As is usual in Greece, Symi has its own 'families' of stray cats but they do not seem to be starving, sick or unhappy and they're certainly not a problem. One or two will maybe come and sit near to you at your table while you eat, but they don't do more than just sit patiently! Many of them found around the winding streets or steps up to the higher part of the island just waiting for someone to feed and maybe cuddle them.
 - Symi Travel Guide


The Seagull, with it's grey wings, white head and body, together with the Sea Eagle, are seen most of the year, on the rocky headlands and hills of Symi. Unlike the Cuckoo who is only usually spotted during the summer months.
 - Symi Travel Guide

Flowers and Fauna

Like so many other Aegean islands, Symi was once covered in trees, but most of the hills were denuded of their natural covering as the forests were cut down to serve the Venetians seemingly endless need for new ships. Today there are groves of pine, cypress, fig, juniper and holm-oak, with some orchards and olive ghroves in places. The dun-coloured hills are brightened here and there by oleander, while the gardens of the island, carefully tended, are ablaze with bougainvillea, hibiscus and pomegranate flowers.
 - Symi Travel Guide


Symi has a variety of goat called a "beach-goat" - these goats are masters at raiding sunbather's bags and stealing any fruit/bread etc. they sniff out - they are totally friendly and you can feed them by hand if you wish. Apart from beach-goats there are loads of "path-goats" whose primary role is to destroy the walls of moni-paths plus normal goats and quite a few sheep wandering around all over the island. COPIED
 - Symi Travel Guide

Snakes and Lizards

Snakes do exist on Symi although sadly, many that are seen are usually squashed on a tarmac road. There were not too many lizards about either - probably seen more early in the Spring.


As in many other Greek islands the faithful donkey is used to porterage goods up and down the narrow stepped streets and alleys, where cars cannot go. Many are seen on the Kali Strata although they can move pretty fast.

Resident ducks

Along the waterfront of Yialos are some very entertaining resident ducks. Something new to sit and watch whilst enjoying a drink in one of the harbour side bars.

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