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The Symi Travel Guide

The Time in Symi is 09:28

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Symi Travel Guide

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Symi Frequent Questions


The clinic of Symi is in Chorio, the old pharmacy, which is just after the square of Syllogos. Tel. 2246071316 The clinic in Yialos is next to St. John. Tel. 2246071290. You will also find the Dentist here. The Main pharmacy is in Gialos, next to the taxi station. Opening hours 09.00-13.00 and 17.00-21.30 Monday to Saturday.
 - Symi Travel Guide


There are a number of public phone facilities around the island of Symi. These are usually operated by 'phone cards' which can be purchased at many of the local shops and kiosks. There is also an Internet Cafe in Yialos.
 - Symi Travel Guide


The Police Station is in Yialos, near the Clock Tower. Architecturally it is a controversial reminder of the 'totalitarian' style of buildings dating from the years of the Italian Occupation. Telephone : 2246071111
 - Symi Travel Guide

Banks and Cash Machines

The Alpha Bank and the National Bank of Greece in Yialos also have 24hr Cash Machines. The opening times for the Bank are 08.00 - 14.30 Monday to Friday.
 - Symi Travel Guide


There is still a strong Turkish influence around the shops of Symi, and local purchases can include ceramics, textiles and spices, not forgetting the very famous sponges, once a thriving business.
 - Symi Travel Guide

Tavernas and Bars

The tavernas on the island of Symi serve traditional Greek food. Try a selection of dishes by ordering mezedakia and enjoy the local wine. Most eating places are in the Yialos harbour area and in Chorio, though several of the beaches also have tavernas.
 - Symi Travel Guide

Public Holidays and Festivals

Symi Festival ￿ a cultural festival that has been held annually for the past 12 years. Free. Performances are held in the Town Hall and at other attractive venues, some open air. Classical and modern music, dance and theatre, literary readings. (The above photo is the official symbol of the Music Festival)
 - Symi Travel Guide


At the start of the summer (May/June), the Island of Symi comes to life after its winter rest and prepares for tourism. During June to September there are many long, hot summer days, with warm winds, blue skies and warm crystal clear seas of translucent turquoise in which to swim. Evenings are also warm, just right for a stroll amongst the locals and outdoor meals.
 - Symi Travel Guide

Bus Service

Symi Bus simply does a shuttle between the harbour, the Old Town and Pedi - it is very reliable and operates from 07.00 to 23.00, every full hour from Yialos and every half hour from the village. The cost is the same regardless of where you get on or off.
 - Symi Travel Guide


The five taxis that are based on the island of Symi are usually stationed at the harbour. The furthest trip you can make from the harbour is to Panormitis, down the other end of the island. As usual in Greece, it is best to agree on a price with the driver, before leaving.
 - Symi Travel Guide


As is usual in Greece, drinking water is not the best on Symi and therefore you may prefer to buy bottled water from the local shops. Please remember that as Symi is a small, dry island, it imports its fresh water from Rhodes as the water supply is very scarce; please therefore use it thoughtfully and sparingly.
 - Symi Travel Guide


Due to the wonderful crystal clear waters and the pebble bays, snorkelling is excellent on Symi. There are shoals of colourful fish to spot and watch. You can also take day trips to Rhodes.

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