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The beach of Pedi can be seen as part of a fine view from Chorio, surrounded by olive groves and almond orchards, and with a small village, once a busy little fishing harbour. Now there are very few inhabitants, and those that there are, are more likely to be engaged in tourism than fishing, though excellent fish tavernas are part of the attraction here.
The beach is composed of sand and shingle, and sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired.
Accessible on foot from Chorio, or by taxi or water taxi from Yialos. It is also on the bus route.

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Pedi is a small community on the eastern side of the island, with all the traditional ingredients for a seaside holiday - beach, clean water, beachside tavernas and cafes, one small family hotel right at the edge of the sea,beach equipment for hire.
The surrounding area is filled with orchards, delightful gardens, fig trees and of course olive trees.
There is a lovely delicate perfume in the air from the oregano and other herbs that grow wild on the hillsides, making this an area pleasing to all the senses.
There are several other small beaches in Pedi Bay, accessible on foot or by boat, such as Agia Marina and Agios Nikolaos.
A quiet bay easiest reached by bus or taxi from Yialos or Chorio. There are a few tavernas by the water's edge, making this spot an ideal place for an enjoyable lunch or dinner.