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The Symi Travel Guide

The Time in Symi is 10:37

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Symi Travel Guide

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 - Symi Travel Guide  - Symi Travel Guide
Symi is deservedly famous for the style and quality of its traditional architecture and Venetian-style houses. Many of them are being renovated, but strict building regulations ensure the preservation of the harmonious elegance that makes Symi unique in Greece.

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 - Symi Travel Guide
Chorio, the upper part of Symi, has restaurants and bars, mainly centred around the village square.
There are also a couple of supermarkets, one on the Kali Strata, one near where the bus turns around.
Also in the square is a kiosk and a card phone.
At the back of Chorio - near where the bus stops - is a warren of old overgrown alleyways and narrow steps. Well worth exploring, it is rather like taking a step back in time, with buttresses and arches spanning the streets to provide support during earthquakes.
At the top of Chorio is the site of the ancient acropolis, on top of which a fortress was built in Byzantine times. Later still, the Crusader Knights of St John added a watch-tower, from which they were able to signal to their primary base on the island of Rhodes. Remains of the two earlier buildings are still to be seen, as well as the Fortress itself, which, sadly, was largely destroyed, along with the Church of the Assumption, when the Italians left Symi and blew up their munitions store before departing.
What to See in Chorio
The Castle, with remains from Ancient times, as well as from the Byzantine period and the time of the Knights of St John.
The Kataraktis, the original staircase connecting Chorio to Yialos.
The Old Pharmacy, now used as a doctor's surgery. Restored to its original appearance, it holds an interesting collection of medical paraphernalia. Open weekday mornings during surgery hours.
Museum, open Tuesday to Sunday, 10,00 to 14.00.
Hatziagapitos House, a restored 18th century mansion , open during Museum hours.
Many churches, but these are often locked unless it is their 'name-day' or some other religious occasion.
The old mansions of Chorio pre-date those of Yialos - this is the oldest inhabited area of Symi.
Views! Superb views over Yialos, the island and the Aegean Sea are to be had from this lofty spot.

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With scarcely any traffic, apart from the occasional local bus up from Yialos, Chorio is quiet and peaceful, and a meal at one of its tavernas is a thoroughly rewarding experience, especially as it is said to have some of the island's best food up here.

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Kali Strata
The best views of the island of Symi can be seen after climbing over 350 steps up into Kali Strata, where both sides of the road are lined with fine old neo-Classical style houses, many with secluded courtyards filled with flowers.

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