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Symi Travel Guide

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Tavernas and Bars

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 - Symi Travel Guide
The tavernas on Symi can get quite busy, some having tables both inside and out. Many of the owners still invite you to go into their kitchen to inspect the array of hot and cold dishes and make your choice. This is a wonderful experience and an excellent introduction to the pleasures of Greek cooking!
Typical menu
Baked goats cheese with cream and blackberries...superb!
Lamb in orange and spice sauce..double yummy!
Creme caramel....
Kataifi! A favourite Greek cake, which is easiest described as being a
bit like a shredded wheat, but softer, filled with almonds and dripping
with honey

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 - Symi Travel Guide
Some of the Tavernas arrange for musicians to visit during the evening, to add to the lively atmosphere.

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 - Symi Travel Guide
You'll find a couple of bars in Ano (Upper) Symi (Chorio) and Yialos, but the island night life is quiet and relaxed, except in August when the island is buzzing with atmosphere.

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 - Symi Travel Guide
Fish on Symi, as everywhere in Greece, is quite expensive so it is recommended that you ask the price before deciding or alternatively, choose from the menu, where the price shown, it should be borne in mind, is usually shown per kilo.

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 - Symi Travel Guide
Greek coffee needs to be understood to be enjoyed properly! There are three types - 'sketo' or unsweetened, 'metrio' or slightly sweetened, 'gleeko' or very sweet. Greeks have several more varieties to choose from in order to get the taste and appearance exactly to their liking!
The coffee is made in a small pot called a briki, fresh for every customer, and when served it should be drunk as it is, without stirring, and without adding anything (except perhaps a measure of ouzo!) When you get down to the sediment, stop!

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